Replacing your Windows for Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient windows are a crucial factor to consider for both new and existing homes. Heat gain and heat loss through windows are accountable for 25% -30% of property heating and cooling energy use.If your existing windows remain in good condition, taking steps to decrease the energy loss through windows can make your house more comfy and save you money on energy bills.Energy efficient glazing helps in reducing your carbon footprint and your energy costs, whether with double or triple glazing, secondary glazing, or simply heavier curtains.

Update Existing Windows to Improve Efficiency

If your windows are in good condition, taking steps to enhance their efficiency may be the most affordable choice to increase the comfort of your house and save cash on energy expenses. There are numerous things you can do to enhance the efficiency of your existing windows:

  • Check existing windows for air leakages
  • Caulk and weather-strip
  • Add window treatments and coverings
  • Add storm windows or panels
  • Add solar control film
  • Include exterior shading, such as awnings, outside blinds, or overhangs

With any effectiveness enhancements, take actions to ensure proper installation and look for air leaks again after making the enhancement.

What is Energy Efficient Glazing?

Double glazed windows have two sheets of glass with a space in between, typically about 16mm, to produce an insulating barrier that keeps heat in. This is often filled with gas. Triple glazed windows have 3 sheets of glass but aren’t always better than double glazed windows.

What are the Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows?
There are numerous benefits of EEG, which are increasing all the time as innovation and building methods advance, and our eco-awareness boosts.

Key Benefits include:

Improved energy efficiency: Energy efficient glazing may form part of a larger series of energy conserving measures. If your house likewise includes cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and an energy efficient heater, these can all interact to reduce the quantity of energy needed to heat your house. As a consequence you can delight in lower energy costs and a lowered carbon footprint.
Reduced sound pollution: Sealed double and triple glazing can be reliable at lowering medium to high frequency sound, developing a more comfortable, private and tranquil house environment.
Enhanced thermal insulation: Energy effective glazing can assist to keep your home warmer in winter season and cooler in summertime. The air or gas gap between the panes of glass in a sealed system provides an additional layer of insulation. This increased thermal resistance minimises the quantity of heat that can get away the home during the colder months. In summer the reverse takes place, and the windows help keep the heat outside, keeping the home cooler.
Reduced condensation: Energy effective doors and windows help reduce the risk of condensation which occurs when a cold surface area and wet air fulfil. The resulting wetness can potentially harm the window frame and if it is especially bad, might even impact other locations of the room.
Safety and security: As there are 2 or more panes instead of one, energy efficient glazed windows provide a more safe and secure barrier versus undesirable entry than a single glazed window. The level of security can be improved further when laminated glass is utilised.

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